Sports Headphones HONOR Sport Pro Review

Choosing headphones for sports is a difficult and painful process. Here the requirements are increased, and the price of the error is high. It is necessary that the accessories fit tightly in the auricle, do not interfere and are resistant to weather changes if you exercise outdoors. HONOR offers its solution – a wireless Sport Headphones HONOR Sport Pro with a reliable mount, a rugged case and unusual charging.

Design and ergonomics

Sports Headphones HONOR Sport Pro Review

Externally, the HONOR Sport Pro is a classic Bluetooth headphone with a neckband and a connecting wire. You notice differences when you start to use them.

Feature of the device – tips. They are deprived of ear pads, open earbuds are offered here. This solution is used much less frequently than vacuum tips. Outwardly similar to AirPods.

The headphone feature is the ability to disconnect even such nozzles. Six pairs are included, select the optimal one so that the droplets are firmly fixed in the auricle. For increased fixation, additional fasteners are provided. BeatsX they are removable, not here.

Sports Headphones HONOR Sport Pro Review

The control panel is located on the neckband. It turns out when the headphones are on you, it is not located vertically, but horizontally. If you transfer to the HONOR Sport Pro with wired headphones, you will have to get used to it, but the decision is due. This maintains a weight balance, which is especially important when running.

The panel is monolithic – there are three buttons, but they are all hidden under one panel. The housing is protected against splashes according to IPX5 standard, and you can use the device in rainy weather.

The minus of the design is the tips too protruding from the ears, which is why the headset will attract extra attention. Otherwise, the case is successful – its features allow the device to be securely fixed, and the likelihood of dropping out of ears when playing sports is reduced.

Sports Headphones HONOR Sport Pro Review

Accessories are available in three colors: flickering gray, flickering red and flickering purple. All three options are gradient – the color goes from darker to brighter.

How comfortable is a headset with a hoop for sports? There is no ideal option, it remains only to understand the pros and cons of each of the three and choose the optimal one for yourself.

Fully wireless do not interfere, but they are difficult to find if they fall out of your ears. There are no such problems with invoices, but their heads and ears sweat in them. Wireless ones like the HONOR Sport Pro have a hoop dangling, which can distract from training, but you definitely won’t lose the accessory. In general, choose the best option.

Sports Headphones HONOR Sport Pro Review

Autonomy and control methods

Sports Headphones HONOR Sport Pro Review

Hours without recharging are the strongest side of the HONOR Sport Pro. The battery capacity is 120 mAh. The manufacturer promises 18 hours of continuous audio playback. Of course, no one will listen to music for so long. Theoretically, the charge should be enough for 3-4 days.

In practice, it happened. After unpacking the headphones, we charged them and remembered the wires only after four days. At the same time, the headset was actively used: on average two hours a day in transport, an hour in the city and an hour in the evening playing a game of Fortnite.
When using headphones with a neckband, it is important to remember to turn them off. With HONOR Sport Pro you can forget, the headphones will do everything for you. Accessories are equipped with special sensors on the tips, thanks to them the headset automatically turns off when the gags are connected by a magnet and turns on when they are disconnected.

Sports Headphones HONOR Sport Pro Review

The headphones are charged in two ways: classic from a wall outlet via wire from a smartphone via a USB-C connector. The way to connect to the power source is unusual – there is not a connector, but a plug. In fact, you connect the headphones to the outlet not through the cable, but through the adapter. To open the port, you need to disconnect one earphone with a wire from the neckband. Before this, connect it to another droplet, the magnet will hold it securely, and you will definitely not lose it.

Smartphone connection


HONOR Sport Pro supports Bluetooth 5.0. They connect to the smartphone in two ways: through the “Bluetooth” section in the settings or via the USB-C connector if you have a mobile device with EMUI, that is, HUAWEI or HONOR. In the second case, the connection is made using Hi Pair technology, it provides quick pairing with a mobile device.

It is the second way that we recommend connecting with a smartphone if you have HUAWEI or HONOR – the process will go faster and without problems. Through the Bluetooth section, headphones can not be connected the first time.

Provides remote control audio stream. The commands are standard: a single press of the power button – turn on / off the music, double – the next track, triple – the previous track. The volume is controlled by two buttons on the top and bottom of the power key.

Sound and noise reduction

Sports Headphones HONOR Sport Pro Review

There is no objective measure of sound quality. It all depends on the type of headphones and personal preferences of the user. We compared the HONOR Sport Pro with the Beats X and made conclusions. In general, the sound quality for a wireless headset.

SBC and AAC codecs are supported. In theory, they do not reproduce only audio elements that are not perceived by the human ear. In fact, the loss of quality is more noticeable, but this is the cost of all wireless headphones.

In practice, the benefits are felt the same. We compared the HONOR Sport Pro with the Beats X – we turned on the same tracks on both headphones. The HONOR headset seems to have a cleaner sound, and the bass is more powerful. The loss of sound quality is felt, but it is minimal.

Wind noise reduction is provided. With it, you will reduce the audibility of the environment and be able to concentrate on your favorite music.


Sports Headphones HONOR Sport Pro Review

The HONOR Sport Pro is, above all, decent headphones for their price. They cost 5 thousand rubles, while offering high-quality sound and a splash-proof housing.

If you are looking for a headset for sports, these headphones are also an option. There are additional mounts, the ability to choose the most convenient nozzles, too. In addition, some people are uncomfortable using vacuum liners. In this case, the HONOR Sport Pro is the right option for them.

The only undeniable minus of the headset is the design of the tips on the back. They resemble tunnels worn by hipsters or wine corks. This is too much attention and stupid bow. The rest of the headphones fully pay off their cost.

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