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AKG M220 Pro Stylist Professional DJ Headphones

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AKG M220 Pro Stylist Professional Large Diaphragm DJ Semi-Open High Definition Over-Ear Studio Headphones

  • Over-ear design for comfort and semi-open technology for solid bass and clear highs
  • Circumaural, semi-open, dynamic with frequency range 15Hz – 25kHz and impedance 55 ohms
  • Sensitivity 91dB/mw (104dB/V) with maximum input power 200Mw and 9. 8 ft. (3m) OFC cable
  • Main connection: 3. 5mm (1/8 inch) gold-plated jack with 6. 3mm (1/4 inch) adapter
  • Work best with iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android and many other Audio devices

Entry-level semi-open headphones AKG M220

The first pair of headphones any aspiring audiophile should own, the AKG M220 pros have it all: reference sound, comfortable fit, and a price that makes them the best value in full-size headphones today.

Inspired by the renowned AKG K240 studio, they feature the same 30-millimeter dynamic drivers and semi-open design. For comfort during long studio sessions, they have a lightweight, flexible frame and self-adjusting suspension headband. And for more casual use, They pair beautifully with your phone or portable music player amp required.

A removable cable and replaceable ear pads complete the package. Reference sound, comfortable fit marked by clear highs and a solid bass presence, The M220 PRO’s Reference sound signature offers a great baseline from which to compare other headphones as you build your collection. And even as that collection grows, these are sure to remain a favorite, with their circumaural fit and smooth matte finish.

The ear cups are even mounted on gimbals with a two-axis rotation, which allows you to wear them in a variety of positions without sacrificing comfort or performance.

About AKG founded in Vienna, Austria, in 1947, AKG quickly became one of the biggest players in the world of sound. Within months, it’s DYN Series of microphones—manufactured by hand by a team of five—were being used in radio stations, theaters, and jazz clubs. The company launched its first headphones in 1949, and in the ‘70S, introduced the now legendary K140 model that would begin the evolution that would eventually lead to the M220.

AKG M220 Specifications

  • Semi-open fit: circumaural
  • Driver unit: 30mm dynamics
  • Frequency response: 15 hz–25 kHz
  • Impedance: 55 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 91 db./mw
  • Power handling: 200 mw
  • Cable: 9. 8 ft. (3 m), straight, removable, 99. 9% oxygen-free copper
  • Connector: 1/8 in (3. 5 mm)

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2 reviews for AKG M220 Pro Stylist Professional DJ Headphones

  1. Fazadj

    My ears fit inside the ear cups so no discomfort. First of all, I just received these earphones today, but I have been wearing them for a few hours. My last headphones met with a sudden casualty, but I wanted the new pair to be more comfortable on my ears, as my ears didn’t fully fit in the ear cups and were pressed between the headphones and my head = discomfort. The previous headphones were OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones, Professional Studio Monitor & Mixing, Telescopic Arms with Scale, Newest 50mm and as I said, uncomfortable after a period of time so I didn’t want to reorder them (they did sound nice, however). I am a small female and if my ears didn’t fit, I would guess the average man would have a real problem.
    I run an Airbnb out of the second floor of my house and wear the headphones for 8+ hours a day to maintain quiet for guests, so my criteria was comfort, and these seem to really deliver. I want to reiterate that my ears actually fit inside the open circle area of the ear cup of the headphones, with no crushing effect, so over time there is no discomfort. I cannot say if a larger person’s ears would be fully inside the cups or not, but the circular interior is considerably larger than my old headphones.
    Another point to mention that I like – but some people may not – is that I can hear ambient external sounds along with anything I might listen to through the headphones. Example, if someone knocks on my door, I can hear that easily, even with something playing. They aren’t sound blocking. It is a noticeable difference with my old headphones; although I don’t think the old ones were specifically noise blocking, they did muffle noise while these AKG’s do not.
    While I haven’t tried it yet, I understand that the ear cups can be removed and/or replaced with new ones as needed or even larger (aftermarket) ones if you like. That is one of the reasons I bought these as I had my eye on a moisture absorbing set since I wear these for long periods, but I haven’t ordered yet so can’t update at this time.

  2. Fazadj

    So I’ve had them for a couple of months now and thought I would give them a pretty thorough review. I bought the AKG M220 headphones for myself a couple of months ago with some money I got for Christmas. So I’ve had them for a couple of months now and thought I would give them a pretty thorough review.
    These are by far the best headphones I’ve ever owned. So I’ll split up how I rate them into three categories.

    1.) Structure 3.5/5: Before I get into anything to do with sound, I’m gonna talk about the actual headphones. The build on these headphones is pretty decent. Although it would be smart to have these in a case wherever you go, these are built pretty well. I would say, this is the weakest point of these headphones. The headband is a softer plastic that molds to your head shape and automatically fits to your head, now that’s something that I love. However the plastic on the actual headphones seems pretty weak, hence the reason to pack them in a case. The ear cups are alright, they’re comfortable and allow for long periods of listening, which is great for traveling or playing video games. I have a small tear in mine, but they’re removable, and you can purchase a new set of much nicer ones(for the more top-of-the-line AKG headphones) for around $10. I personally recommend the the soft pads with cotton(not plastic leather) it’ll withstand more abuse. Two more things, these headphones are so light that sometimes I forget I’m wearing them and I go to put my hair in a bun or put a hat on and realize that I’m wearing my headphones😂. And last thing: the audio jack isn’t your standard jack, it’s more like the inputs you see in microphones. This prevents me from pulling it out accidentally. It also makes for a better sound.

    2.) Features 4/5: This’ll be a short section. In the box I got three things: the headphones, the headphone wire, and a 3.5mm to 6.35mm audio jack adapter. Both the adapter and original jacks are gold platted for crisper sound. I gave this section a 4/5 because it’s all you need(besides a case)

    3.) Sound 5/5: Okay, these are by far the best sounding headphones I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. I’ve owned a series of different headphones(all around the same price range of $50-$120) including Sennheiser, Bose, Skull Candy and Sony, and these are for sure the best. They have very good highs and lows and excellent mids. The bass is deep enough and has a very low range but doesn’t drown out the rest of the sound(cough cough Beats) and the highs are very crisp and clear. If you use these headphones you may want to download an additional music player other than iTunes(for you Apple users out there). I have TuneShell (for iOS) and on my laptop(Windows 10) I use MusicBee. Both of which have an audio mixing and equalizing board which is perfect for getting the best sound out of these headphones without the expensive purchase of an amp. Another thing about these headphones which I’ve never noticed on others is the ability to render a difference between audio file types such as WAV, MP3, FLAC, AAC and others. Because of the openness of these headphones you get that 3D sort of feel with them which adds a lot to the experience of both listening to music and gaming/watching movies. Although this does make it easier for people to hear your music if they’re close by, it really adds another demention to your listening. One thing about this however is that its harder to hear your music in loud environments such as a plane or bus, or any type of public environment. That being said, who cares what other people think of what your listening to, it’s all about the sound.

    Over all score 4.5/5

    The most influential piece of the score is sound which is why these got such a high rating and weren’t dragged to far down by structure.

    All-in-all, these are an amazing pair of sound cans. For you audiophiles out there(or if you’re like me, a music nerd with a good ear) and you have a small budget, I HIGHLY recommend these headphones to you. However for those of you willing to spend a few extra dollars, do yourselves a favor and don’t buy Beats or Bose, please. Buy something like these(be it a more expensive pair of AKG headphones or something else). I’ve used a pair of AKG headphones worth about $250 and they blew me away. Absolutely the best headphones I’ve ever used, but also the Sony headphones like the MDR7505 or even the MDRV6, are excellent headpones. I just urge you to not buy headphones because they’re pretty or attractive or popular or whatever(again Beats). But hey, not to say these aren’t good-looking headphones, because they are pretty sweet.

    If you got to the end of my review thank you for taking the time to read and please rate it accordingly for those other people wanting to read good reviews😊

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